Beach Bums and California Sun

Hanging Out on San Deigo Beach - Girls On The Beach by flickr user jemingway3

The warm SoCal sun is one of the most breathtaking sights on the planet! Every evening the sun paints a picture in the sky with vibrant colors across a backdrop of endless blue water and white sandy beaches.  In many ways, it’s the perfect base for a digital nomad! It’s time to just relax and […]

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5 Reasons why teaching English is great for travel bloggers

Sports day at my Korean elementary school.

So you want to be a travel blogger and earn your living by sharing your photos and stories with people around the world. That’s great – but success doesn’t happen overnight and in the meantime you will need some way to pay the bills. Many travel bloggers have used teaching as a way to fund […]

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Unusual Festivals Around the World You Won’t Want to Miss

Holi Festival of Colours by flickr user evoo73

Somewhere in the world, there’s probably a festival going on this very minute. It can be a celebration of a religious figure, a party to signal the end of summer, or just a reason to get together and have fun. Some of these festivals are not your usual fare, as evidenced in the list below. […]

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Accommodation tips for long term durations

Travel photographer by flickr user mike baird

Although a backpacking lifestyle is what many dream of doing 365 days of the year, it just isn’t feasible at times from a expenditure and productivity point of view.  For those times where you need to get a lot of work done it makes sense to be in one particular location for a fixed period […]

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Places to consider as a base for travel bloggers

England supporter by flickr user unofficialenglandrugby

Many travel bloggers enjoy the location independent backpacking lifestyle where ‘home’ is a very relative term.  For most digital nomads, there comes a point in time when the gruelling pace of backpacking can take its toll.  In these types of instances, a semi-permanent base or home is often an ideal solution to cope with burnout, work on […]

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Working abroad while travelling: How to Earn Money by Travel Blogging

Working at the beach by flickr user chiacomo

For many people, travel blogging would be their dream job. The reality of travel blogging is that you can write and write (and write some more) but you may never make money from this. To make money as a travel blogger, you need to follow a few simple steps to create a business plan. Developing […]

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8 Dream Beach Destinations For Digital Nomads

Maldives gorgeous scenery image by whoshotya

One of the dreams many have of becoming a successful travel blogger is having the opportunity to become location independent.  When one has achieved this level of success making money travel blogging, numerous top travel destinations are available as choice locations to be based.  What could possibly be better than waking up to gentle sounds […]

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Chaing Mai as the perfect base for digital nomads and travel bloggers

Chiang Mai cultural performance by flickr user NomadicSamuel

If you haven’t heard already, Chiang Mai is one of the most popular destinations for long-term digital nomads, travel bloggers and other location independent types. What makes this northern Thai cultural hub such a popular hotspot for travel bloggers? Come check out this article highlighting Chiang Mai as the perfect base for digital nomads and […]

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