3 Tips Top Travel Blogging Pros Do Well

Become a pro travel blogger via flickr user leesemel

Success leaves clues.  For those travel bloggers who have tasted a certain level of achievement it hasn’t been by accident.  The following 5 tips are what the travel blogging pros have been doing to consistently over a period of time to become the top travel blogs in the world. Rocking Social Media Neglecting social media […]

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3 Tips Towards Location Independence

Laptop outside by the river by shaza sha, on Flickr

The ability to live remotely is a common dream held by many travel bloggers.  In order for this to become a reality a number of things first have to fall in place.  The following 3 tips are sure-fire ways to ensure one is on the right path to achieving a location independent lifestyle. 1)  Pay […]

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3 Benefits of Link Exchanges

Chain Link by flickr user mattimattila

Building links to your travel blog is one of the most crucial components towards having a successful site.  Creating great content just doesn’t cut it without links to back it up.  There are many ways to attract links naturally; however, being proactive and building links with your own initiatives is equally as important.  Here are […]

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Langkawi, Malaysia | Dream Blogging Destination

Langkawi, Malaysia beach by Georgie Payne, on Flickr

Possibly the most under-rated beaches in all of the world are located in Malaysia.  With a name that translates to “the land of one’s wishes” it’s well worth hanging your hat in Langkawi beach for a significant period of time.  Lush green forest and pristine waters await you.  Situated on the Andaman Sea it’s the […]

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Fraser Island, Australia | Dream Blogging Destination

Leaving Fraser Island, Australia by drbakker, on Flickr

Considering heading down under to Australia to enjoy a location independent lifestyle.  While based in Australia don’t forget to check out Fraser Island.  It’s an ideal spot to be based while monetizing your travel blog and planning your next move.  Nestled just off of Queensland coast, this island is the largest sand island in the […]

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Nantucket Island, Massachusetts | Dream Blogging Destination

Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, Brant Point Lifeboat Station by Larry Myhre, on Flickr

With calm waters that are family friendly, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts is a dream travel blogging destination for many.  For those with families this quiet area is perfect for sunbathing or castle-building.  While making money travel blogging you can enjoy the gorgeous sunsets.  It’s a location worth dreaming about.  Nantucket Islands rates as an impressive 6 […]

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Lanikai Beach, Hawaii | Dream Blogging Destination

Mokulua from Lanikai Beach, Oahu Hawaii by Joel Abroad, on Flickr

It’s impossible to mention the top beaches in the world without including Lanikai Beach, Hawaii.  As one of the premier beaches in the world it offers views that will make your jaw drop.  For those already earning or aspiring to earn money with your travel blog it should be on your short list of dream locations […]

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The Hamptons | Dream Blogging Destination

The Hampton beach waves from flickr user N04

The Hamptons are often noted for being a playground for the rich.  Although making money with your travel site may not allow you to permanently stay in this location, it certainly is worth considering for a short period of time.  Located in Long Island, these beaches are the nicest in the region.  With unspoiled shorelines you’ll find […]

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