3 Tips Top Travel Blogging Pros Do Well

Become a pro travel blogger via flickr user leesemel

Success leaves clues.  For those travel bloggers who have tasted a certain level of achievement it hasn’t been by accident.  The following 5 tips are what the travel blogging pros have been doing to consistently over a period of time to become the top travel blogs in the world.

Rocking Social Media

Neglecting social media as a travel blogger is the equivalent of an athlete who doesn’t enjoy working out and training.  Properly utilizing social media platforms such as twitter, facebook, pinterest, stumble upon and triberr are essential components towards driving traffic and building an audience.  If you look around you’ll notice the best travel blogs are doing this at optimal levels that often include daily time commitments.  Sometimes it may involve staying up late at night to properly promote the blog post your just wrote.  It takes a certain level of commitment to achieve success as a blogger.

Posting Regularly

Back when I was a student of other travel blogs, I couldn’t help but notice the level of consistently amongst top travel bloggers.  Every successful travel bloggers has his/her own personal preference regarding the amount of posts they product each week/month; however, one thing that is common amongst all of the sites I studied was that they are consistent with this interval.  Posting whenever one feels like it or procrastinating is like a death sentence for your travel site.  Those who have succeeded have posted often at regular intervals over a period of time.  If you want to be successful you’ll need to have that level of dedication.

Sharpening The Saw 

Using the same methods over and over again makes the blade dull.  The best travel sites are constantly looking for ways to improve their site design, writing skills, mastering photography or enhancing video production.  Standing pat means other will move ahead.  Aside from just making blog posts it is important to improve your skills in all areas that are essential to running a travel site.  Neglecting any one given area hurts you in the short-term and is devastating long-term.

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