Working abroad while travelling: How to Earn Money by Travel Blogging

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For many people, travel blogging would be their dream job. The reality of travel blogging is that you can write and write (and write some more) but you may never make money from this. To make money as a travel blogger, you need to follow a few simple steps to create a business plan. Developing your site and building relationships with industry professionals can help your travel blogging career to become a success. Check out these great money making tips for travel bloggers embarking on a journey through Asia.

Chat with Fellow Travel Bloggers

Many people have hit the open road before you, hoping to make enough money to support themselves while travelling. One of the most common regions for travel bloggers is Asia. With so much knowledge and advice at the click of a mouse, talk to reputable travel bloggers about the do’s and don’ts of making money when exploring Asia.

Create Site Traffic

Create a flow of traffic through your site before you begin to travel. Don’t just assume that people will read your blog, instead, create hype about your prospective adventures and provide readers with sneak previews on what they can expect to see in the following months. If you’re travelling to Thailand during the holiday season, for example, offer readers insider tips for the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan.

Current Articles for Clients

If you’re writing a sponsored blog post for a company or organisation, offer something that no one else can, such as the most recent photos and information from a current event. Companies are more likely to pay you the big bucks if you can get first-hand information on an event that’s occurring where you are.

Choose a Target Audience

If you’re travelling though Asia, for instance, much of the tourist population is made up of backpackers. A great example is when travelling through Singapore, visit local hostels and give accurate information on the facilities and value for money – always be honest.

Create Contacts before you leave

Don’t ever wait until you arrive in your destination to begin thinking about the money-side of blogging. Reputable bloggers have various accounts and contacts with Google Ads and SEO companies. Creating good relationships enables you to create a continual flow of income. If you’re travelling through Asia, approach companies who would be interested in this topic, such as those who manage travel agents or backpacking sites.

Offer Giveaways on your Blog

If you’re travelling through any country and happen to come across cheap or free tickets to a current event or show, get your hands on them and advertise a giveaway prize on your blog. With so many travel blogs around, give people a reason to visit yours. If readers are likely to win a prize, when visiting your blog, they’ll continue to check your site as they travel.

Think about your Pricing

The cost of posting a sponsored article on your site will vary greatly, depending on the amount of unique site visits your blog receives, along with your PR ranking. If you’re new to the game of travel blogging, it is sometimes a smart idea to offer slightly lower prices than your competitors. While you may not have as many followers or site visits, you can provide a cheaper price, which enables you to earn money, while still building the reputation of your site.

Travel blogging is a great (and fun) way to earn money while travelling. Countries will vary in their popularity amongst readers, while Asian countries often attract a great deal of followers, particularly if you can provide unique information – not recycled content from another site. Good luck and enjoy every minute of this rollercoaster ride!

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