8 Dream Beach Destinations For Digital Nomads

Maldives gorgeous scenery image by whoshotya

One of the dreams many have of becoming a successful travel blogger is having the opportunity to become location independent.  When one has achieved this level of success making money travel blogging, numerous top travel destinations are available as choice locations to be based.  What could possibly be better than waking up to gentle sounds of waves, stepping outside your door and seeing nothing but gorgeous scenery in every direction.  It’s possible to turn dream into a reality!  The following is a list of 8 dream beach destination for digital nomads:

1)  Maldives (Dream Beach Location)

Coming in at number 1 is the Maldives.  This is the ideal spot for Australian wanderlusts since the weather is warm and the beaches are secluded and peaceful. From pampered nights to deep sea diving, this place has it all and is popular for a reason. You can find cheap flights to the Maldives almost year round. Spending a little extra money to get here is worth it.

2)  Langkawi, Malaysia

When your name translates to “the land of one’s wishes’ it’s easy to see why Langkawi, Malaysia comes in at number 2 on the list.  Lush green forests and pristine waters await those who visit this island situated on the Adaman Sea.

3)  Lanikai Beach, Hawaii – USA

Hawaii has some of the top beaches in all of the world and none come to mind more than Lanikai Beach.  This is the location to get your picture perfect postcard shot to show all of your friends, family and followers.

4)  Seychelles

Of all the beaches that made this list, Seychelles may have the nicest backdrop of them all.  With imposing granite boulders as a backdrop this gem of a beach shines brightly in the Indian Ocean.

5)  Bora Bora, Tahiti

Bora Bora could make even the most amateur photographer appear to be an expert.  It is just that gorgeous here.  When one is not snapping away taking photos some serious relaxation is well deserved.

6)  Nantucket Island, Massachusetts – USA

If calm waters and family friendly fun sound appealing, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts is the ideal spot for you.  Enjoy relaxing times and gorgeous sunsets here.

7)  Fraser Island, Australia

How could any list be complete without heading down under?  Fraser Island boasts the largest sand island in the world nestled just off of Queensland coast.

8)  The Hamptons, New York – USA

Come check out the playground of the plenty.  Coming in at number 8, this area is not the cheapest to be based but it has a lot to offer.

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