Chaing Mai as the perfect base for digital nomads and travel bloggers

Chiang Mai cultural performance by flickr user NomadicSamuel

If you haven’t heard already, Chiang Mai is one of the most popular destinations for long-term digital nomads, travel bloggers and other location independent types. What makes this northern Thai cultural hub such a popular hotspot for travel bloggers? Come check out this article highlighting Chiang Mai as the perfect base for digital nomads and scroll down the page to find out ‘why’ it has achieved such distinction.


It goes without saying that Chiang Mai is extremely affordable and welcoming for foreigners. Accommodation is cheap and plentiful, local food is both delicious and ridiculously cheap and transportation costs a fraction of what it would back home. One can potentially rent an apartment for less than $200 a month.

Local Food

The delicious Thai curries that cost a fortune back home are served up at a fraction of the price in Chiang Mai. One can expect to pay anywhere from just over a dollar to less than five for a splendid local Thai meal. For those with a craving for treats back home, Chiang Mai has you covered, although it doesn’t come nearly as cheap as regional and local delicacies.

Cultural Activities

A smorgasbord of cultural activities are on offer in Chiang Mai. Fancy learning Thai Massage? Ever wanted to master the art of Thai cooking? How about learning a martial art? It’s all available in Chiang Mai as both long-term and short-term courses.

Expat Community

Chiang Mai has a thriving expat community that is supportive and well connected. Living in Chiang Mai will not make you feel like a foreigner. You’ll have the opportunity to forge relationships with locals and with other location independent sorts.

Proximity to Other Hubs

Chiang Mai might be the one of the most convenient locations geographically. One is only a overnight bus ride away from the capital Bangkok. Laos beckons mere hundreds of kilometres away. Chiang Mai even has an airport that connects one with major destinations in the region. You couldn’t ask for a better location.

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