Places to consider as a base for travel bloggers

England supporter by flickr user unofficialenglandrugby

Many travel bloggers enjoy the location independent backpacking lifestyle where ‘home’ is a very relative term.  For most digital nomads, there comes a point in time when the gruelling pace of backpacking can take its toll.  In these types of instances, a semi-permanent base or home is often an ideal solution to cope with burnout, work on projects and save money.  There are numerous spots all over the world that cater specifically towards location independent types.  The following three cities come highly recommended:

London, England

At first glance, one may wonder ‘why’ London was included on a such a list.  Isn’t it outrageously expensive?  Indeed, London does not have the lowest cost of living but it has a number of advantages working in its favour.  Firstly, many of the main attractions in London are absolutely free!  Travel bloggers are often constantly forking over money to visit the top landmarks in a given city.  Furthermore, many of the top travel conferences are based in or near London.  It makes for an excellent city to network and build valuable contacts in the travel industry. In terms of actually getting to the city try Stansted Airport Parking to save some valuable pennies when travelling directly into the capital

Alternatively It may be worth travelling to the city from smaller, and inevitably cheaper regions of Britain, With a large amount of airports to choose from staying outside of the city is a viable option and may give you a chance to see other cities in the UK, Glasgow Airport Parking and
Belfast International Airport Parking will give you the chance to see Scotland and Maybe even Ireland if thats what you fancy!

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang is known as the cultural HUB of northern Thailand.  From elephants to massages, from Buddhist temples to night markets, this place has got it all.  From a cost of living perspective it offers the best value.  Digital nomads have been known to get by on $500-1000 a month in total expenses.  With a smorgasbord of cultural activities on offer it makes the perfect base for those wanting to try something new.

Medellin, Colombia city views by flickr user jduquetr

Medellin, Colombia

Medellin (and Colombia as a country) are quickly gaining traction as hot spots for digital nomads.  It’s a city that features lovely scenery, pumping night-life and gorgeous locals.  It’s especially popular with singles.  The cost of living is relatively cheap, although not as cheap as Chiang Mai.  Many predict it will continue to grow in popularity in the near future.


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