Santorini’s Island Sway

Views from scenic Santorini by flickr user BruceHH


Santorini’s Island Sway

The stunning white and blue houses that make up some of the most spectacular Greek islands are the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. Explore the islands of Santorini and soften the pace to a relaxing stroll.

Let the quaint villages of Santorini, Greece charm you with traditional island beauty!

Start out your amazing getaway with a hike from Fira to Oia to walk the edge of around the caldera. This two and a half to four hour walk allows you to pass the villages of traditional houses painted in white and blue. Stop in to see the beautiful taverns and cafes that complete the experience with breathtaking views over the Aegean Sea. Oia Village is a picturesque location to step into island life, and offers its guests great accommodations, fine dining and nice bars. I highly recommend you head to the center of activity in Caldera Square, where you can wander around an authentic marketplace. Oia Village is a town of exquisite beauty and tremendous views, so be sure to check out all it has to offer! Be sure to head down below to Amoudi Bay to catch a glimpse of beautiful blue waters at the bottom of Oia. This fishing bay plays host to four tavernas and hospitable restaurants with a backdrop of pristine waters in the cove. You can dive in for a swim at the rocky waters end, or have a drink in the tavern and watch the ships pass by, quiet and serene.

Santorini, Oia by flickr user Arian Zwegers

When in Kamari, check out Cinekamari or the Open Air Cinema from June through October. The cost is 7 Euro and your movie includes a full bar with cocktails, local beer and wine and comfortable seats to create a relaxing atmosphere. Be at peace with the cinema ahead, the sky above and bar behind. Perhaps you would rather take to the beach? Perissa Beach is one among the many that stands out with gorgeous and soft black sands. These crystal blue waters make for the perfect relaxing afternoon complete with beachfront restaurants and bars. Be sure to stake out a spot along the water and sun-bathe to your heart’s content!

If you are like me, you are excited by the idea of stepping back into the ancient past. The Museum of Prehistoric Thira displays a fascinating display of archeological finds that date as far back as the Neolithic Era! Among the frescos housed inside some are an amazing 3,800 years old! The exhibits paint an astounding picture of Minoan Civilization in the form of art, religion and daily life. The museum is a great escape for the hottest sunny day on the island, so be sure to take your time exploring the displays in the cool air-conditioning. I highly recommend you explore this ancient collection of Thira from the Bronze Age! But for an even closer look, head straight to the site of Ancient Thira in Kamari. Walk amongst Dorian settlements that date back to the 11th Century. Within the ruins find remains of Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine influence with the breathtaking views of the Cycladic Islands and caldera in the distance. But the most fascinating gem of them all is Akrotiri, the ancient city of Minoan civilization. An amazing 2000 years before the disaster of Pompeii, this city of Akrotiri was covered in 30 meters of ash. To this day only 3 percent has been uncovered, though this ancient architecture once housed a city of advanced society where women held high position and work makeup to show it. To experience one of the most compelling historic sites on the planet, visit the 17th Century BC remains of Akrotiri, rumored as the inspiration for Plato’s infamous disaster of the city Atlantis.

The beautiful waves and island breeze is waiting for you in Santorini!

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