3 Tips Towards Location Independence

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The ability to live remotely is a common dream held by many travel bloggers.  In order for this to become a reality a number of things first have to fall in place.  The following 3 tips are sure-fire ways to ensure one is on the right path to achieving a location independent lifestyle.

1)  Pay Off Debt

Debt is a dream killer of all sorts that holds no prejudice.  Eliminating debt is a must for an aspiring location independent travel blogger.  Debt can come in a number of different forms ranging from credit card debt to student loans and everything in between.  One of the easiest ways to pay off debt is to stop spending frivolously.  Small changes that can save a few dollars here and there add up over a period of time.  Finding a way to reduce costs by just a few dollars daily can add up to thousands of dollars available to pay off debt.  Debt is the shackles that keeps many stagnant.  Shake the shackles and you’re well on your way to a promising future.

2)  Cut Loose Possessions

Living remotely out of a backpack is a sobering experience.  One quickly begins to realize that half the stuff (if not much more) that is left back home isn’t really necessary in the first place.  Reducing clothes, material possessions, subscriptions, vehicles and even property can free you up to be mobile.  Not only will you be hoarding less stuff but you won’t be worrying about it either.  What’s out of sight is out of mind.

3)  Reduce Cost of Living

Finally, reducing cost of living is an essential skill to enjoy true location independence.  This can involve a host of different things.  Moving to a location with a lower cost of living is an obvious appealing example.  Choosing to eat locally or preparing your own food is another.  Pursuing hobbies that are not expensive may be your best bet.  Instead of going for a fancy meal, drinks and a movie.  Why not climb a mountain or wander around a nature reserve.



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