Accommodation tips for long term durations

Although a backpacking lifestyle is what many dream of doing 365 days of the year, it just isn’t feasible at times from a expenditure and productivity point of view.  For those times where you need to get a lot of work done it makes sense to be in one particular location for a fixed period of time.  Moreover, staying in one location is far cheaper than constantly being on the move.  By planning well beforehand, you can also find cheap but comfortable accommodation in most cities or urban regions for extended periods of time.  The following are some suggestions to possibly lower your costs while sticking around in one place.

Travel photographer by flickr user mike baird

Trade your skills for a room

As a travel blogger and digital nomad you have a highly desirable skill-set from the perspective of many hotels, hostels and short-term rental apartment companies.  Consider using your expertise as a photographer or social media maven as a trade to land a free room.  Moreover, consider writing a review or making a youtube video to share with your devoted fans in exchange for a certain amount free nights.  I’ve even heard of people getting an entire month of free accommodation in exchange for daily English lessons.

Teach English

If times are a bit lean financially consider teaching English.  There is a great demand for English teachers in many countries around the world.  With English being the default language for business it’s an essential skill for many to learn.  Many contracts provide a generous salary or possibly even free accommodations.  Teaching English in a country such as South Korea is ideal because a free apartment is almost always provided.

Wwoofing at the organic farm by flickr user strikeael

WWOOFing (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms)

Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms or Willing Workers on Organic Farms places willing volunteers on organic farms.  With over 99 countries involved in this program there are plenty of opportunities for ideal matches.  Although you won’t receive any financial compensation your food and accommodation will be provided.


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