How To Make Payments On Your Wal-Mart Credit Card With Green Dot

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Shopping for digital nomads has been made easier with the development of faster ways to purchase items and pay. Now, many travellers can shop easily at local retailers without the hassle of lugging around bulky checkbooks and wallets. For Wal-Mart shoppers, this has become even easier as credit cards offer the option of buying items first and paying at the customer’s convenience. Additionally, reloadable cards off the feature of being able to add funds before making a new purchase.

For anyone who is interested in learning more about how to apply for a Green Dot card to use when making payments on a Wal-Mart credit card, the following information will help them to get started.

Plan a Budget 

Frugal digital nomads know that they will have to spend their money carefully to keep grounded. Before shopping, it is important to make a list of necessary items. This list should then be compared to the rest of the household budget in order to ensure that it will fit into the amount that is allotted for these types of expenses. Then, shoppers should take note of how much money they will spend so that they can make sure that they have adequate funds available on both their Wal-Mart credit card and Green Dot card.

Shopping at Wal Mart

Find Credit Total 

Once a person has completed their shopping, they will need to find out the balance that they owe on the Wal-Mart credit card. This can be accomplished by a person calling the customer service line, checking a recent statement or visiting the account online. Once the balance has been found, they should write it down so that it will be available for them when it is time to pay.

Load Green Dot Card 

Green Dot cards are a reloadable debit card that can be loaded in several different ways. The simplest way to load a Green Dot card is to visit the retailer from which the card was purchased. Additionally, it can be loaded by setting up a transfer of funds from a person’s bank account. Once the card has been loaded, then it is time to use it to pay the Wal-Mart credit card.

Using the Green Dot Card

The Green Dot card can be used like any other type of credit or debit card in a transaction to pay the Wal-Mart debit card. This can be done either over the phone, online or at a Wal-Mart store. Simply use the Green Dot card to enter the account numbers and other information in order to follow the steps that are outlined for the transaction.

A Green Dot card offers consumers a safe way to transport their money from their account to another business. Because it is a reloadable card, consumers never have to worry about going over their limit. The Green Dot card can be used to pay other retailers while offering a consumer an easy and safe way to shop. By loading their card and then following the steps outlined by a company’s payment guidelines, Green Dot card user’s can utilize their card for the advantage of easy payments.

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