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The benefits of doing link exchange - huge link

I can stress enough the importance of exchanging links with other travel sites.  Recently I posted an article regarding the benefits of link exchanges with other travel bloggers.  I highly encourage you to check it out.  Today the focus will be on the practical side of things with an emphasis on execution.  In order to make link exchanging an easy process consider making an on-line spreadsheet (such as a google document) where you can keep track of all the travel sites and blogs you’ve visited that have a links or blogroll section.  When your list has grown consider making a default message that includes the request for a link exchange along with some other important information regarding your site.  Personalize the message by addressing the travel blogger(s) by name while asking questions or commenting  about his/her upcoming travel plans or recent posts.  By creating a set message form you will save time when emailing others.  Link exchanges should be a strategy you consider to eventually build your travel site to the point where it earns money.

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